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You’ve come to the right place! Here at Roux Professional we are pleased to provide a uniform embroidery service that makes putting a personal stamp on your uniform an easy process. No Minimum Quatity!


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Please send us the Logo, Design or Text


We will send you a quote and a digitised proof of your finished design.


Place your order and receive your garments in 5 - 7 days


Here's a some of how our uniforms look embroidered


Personalize your work wear

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Embroidery service for the beauty job

You work in the beauty job? Then your customers will be especially attentive and pay attention to how your outfit will appear. This is a commitment, but also an opportunity: use your work clothes to get the recognition value that matches your work with your company logo.

Also for small quantities

Initially you only need small quantities or even individual pieces? No problem: we also work for you if you only order a single copy. Try our offer with a small order! If you like our work, you can always "add" a larger order.

You already have a company logo?

Great, then just send this as a graphic. If you are still looking for the right company logo, we will of course help you with the creation. Whether standard embroidery or a very individual touch: We are your partner when it comes to embroider your work clothes for cosmetics!

More than a business card

Certainly: It makes sense to always have a business card in your pocket. But today, it takes more than just a business card to remember your brand name or logo. Use our service for the cosmetics industry. Whether classic writing or modern, we are the craftsmen who bring your name to the workwear