Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions of berufsbekleidung-roux.de

These conditions apply to all the products, deliveries and services mentioned on this website. Terms and conditions of a customer will explicitly not become subject matter of contract, even if moeve-shop.de doesn't disagree explicitly. If a customer doesn't agree to the following terms and conditions, he is obligated to disagree in writing previously.

2. Right of withdrawal

You are no longer bound to your order, if you send back the products, in the original packaging, within two weeks after receiving. The cancelation must not be justified. The original packaged product can be returned (on our risk) with the cancelation in writing (an email beforehand is sufficent). You will have to accept the costs of shipping. Custom-made products are excluded from cancelation. It is sufficent to send back the cancelation and original packaged product within the time limit to the following address:

Sh-Ex Cloths e.K.
Reichswadlallee 49
DE-40472 Düsseldorf


Please dont send any not prepaid postage, we can not accept these due to organizational problems. The right of withdrawal is restricted when the product is used, used by the customer, washed or warn. If washed, warn or not original packaged products are sent back, you have to pay compensation for the value (§361a BGB).

3. Terms of payment and prices

Payment always occurs via  advance payment or Paypal. The bills are payable immediately. In case of default moeve-shop.de is entitled to stop further deliveries and services. berufsbekleidung-roux.de is entitled to charge interest up to 5% more than the appointed reference rate of the European Central Bank on belated payments from the customer.

All prices include the lawfully required VAT.

4. Delivery and shipping

All offers are subject to change without notice. Delivery only takes place as long as the goods are available on stock. All the delivery dates named by moeve-shop.de are not binding, except if a delivery date has been agreed on in writing as being explicitly binding. If the customer wishes to change or adjust his order after the order has been placed or other non foreseeable circumstances take place, which do not allow moeve-shop.de to hold the delivery dates, though berufsbekleidung-roux.de is not responsible for these circumstances, the delivery date will extend to a suitable date. If the moeve-shop.de is hindered in fulfilling the contract due to procurement, production or delivery disturbances at their supplier, the general principles of law and their measure are valid. The customer is able to set a time limit of additional delivery of 6 weeks. If a binding delivery date can evidently not be fulfilled due to mobilization, war, riot, strike or lock-out or other circumstances of which berufsbekleidung-roux can not be accused of by the general principles of law, the delivery date will be moved to a suitable date. The customer can cancel the contract, by setting a reasonable time limit of additional delivery. If berufsbekleidung-roux.de isn't able to fulfill the delivery, the cancelation has to be transmit in writing. If berufsbekleidung-roux.de is totally or partially hindered in fulfilling the contract, due to the listed reasons, the berufsbekleidung-roux.de is freed from their delivery duty.