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Modern Hotel Uniforms

At Roux Professional Workwear you will find High Quality and Custom Made Uniforms and Workwear for Hotels. Qualitative Uniforms in a modern look. Highest functionality meets innovative design. 




Together with you we will create an exclusive outfit for your team or individual model such as Chef Jackets, Aprons, Housekeeping Clothing or Spa & Wellness Uniforms. 




We design and produce your individual

Hotel Uniforms

We can make your hotel workwear according to your wishes from 10 pcs. No matter if Restaurants, Kitchen, Bar, Housekeeping, Spa & Wellness or Reception, we know the requirements in detail. We take care of every detail to create unique and personalized garments that reflect each customer's style.
We use only high quality materials that have been chosen with the utmost care to create sophisticated and elegant uniforms.



We attach great importance to High Quality, pleasant wearing comfort, color and shape retention as well as to the matching, individual finishing according to your requirements and wishes. 



The Roux Professional Know How

Our designers make important material choices and choose high-quality, more sustainable options to create durable products in terms of both strength and integrity of the construction as well as long-lasting, timeless designs.
The goal is that each designed article has its own value, so that our customers can maintain and enjoy it for a long time.


The way to your Custom Made Hotel Uniforms



✓ Initial consultation /  by telephone or e-mail
✓ Individual graphic representation
✓ Concept development You determine the cut, colors, material
✓ We embroider your Uniforms according to your ideas and templates.


Your advantages

Full range of Collection
Modern cuts
Small editions order
After-sale Serenity





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Personalized Hotel Uniforms

The man of today is an individualist. And that can also be seen in workwear. Make your hotel clothing an advertising medium. How it works? Quite simply: you send us the logo of your company or brand. We embroider the logo on your hotel workwear. Are you still looking for a suitable logo for your hotel? Also in this case we can help you: We are happy to develop a graphic for you. With this customization you can give your blazers, pants, service wear, tunics, polo shirts or skirts a uniform look. Your brand is better reflected in the clientele, which can lead to a positive advertising effect. Also, the color of the hotel workwear should fit your brand. Take a look at our color charts. We supply the workwear for your hotel in a large and colorful selection of different colors. Have you already found the color that suits your hotel?

Your advantage: Kitchens Workwear with Customization

Starting with an order of just one garment, customization is obligatory. Simply send us the logo of your company or brand. We deliver the cooking trousers, chef jackets or the chef's hat with the embroidered customization. We are happy to assist you in the design of your logo. In this way, your employees will be able to work together and thus the advertising impact of your brand will be supported in a positive way.

Individual Workwear for your Restaurant

Individualization is a matter of course for us. The individual note does not only refer to the color choice. (A look at our color charts tells you which color suits your company's design). For us, customization also means embroidering the name or logo of your restaurant on working clothes. And this is by no means only possible from a larger quantity. We embroider your restaurant workwear from a single copy. Make use of this service and make your staff in the restaurant an advertising medium. In this way, the logo of your restaurant is better integrated with the clientele. And everything that seems familiar also has a positive effect in terms of customer loyalty.

Blazers and Jackets for the Hotel Staff

Workwear plays a very special role in the hotel. Because from the operating staff in the restaurant to housekeeping, your employees have regular customer contact. Yes, even the cleaning staff is always visible to the guests in the hotel. Good if it then manages to find a uniform design for the professional fashion. Ideally, this is then a coherent overall concept in color and form that matches the brand of the hotel. On this page we will introduce you to blazers and jackets for the hotel. Comfortable to wear and easy to care for, these are the accents your hotel staff desires. Anyone who can move freely in work clothing remains more flexible and every step becomes child's play. At the same time, our sports jackets and blazers also score in terms of fashion. Whether conservative or cheeky, a contemporary cut and a fashionable color scheme make the Blazers and sports jackets for your hotel staff an eye-catcher. Even if the garments are heavily used and frequently washed, they will visually impress your customers and guests. And the color? This should especially suit your hotel. We provide the sports jackets and blazers for the hotel in a rich color scheme. A color chart presents you here the whole selection.