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Terry Towels for Hotel & Spa

Hotel towels
The towels from our hotel program are always provided with special hotel seams. A special durability and long durability is guaranteed. Our towels are made of best cotton and are very skin friendly. We have our towels checked according to the Eco-Text Standard 100. Cloths and bathrobes finished with logos are particularly effective in the Hotel & Spa and cleverly support sorting and assignment. Refinements can be implemented both discreetly and on a large scale. Make your towels very special with an embroidered or printed logo.


Towels qualitys
Walk terry owes its quality to the loose loops of soft yarns and feels very pleasant and fluffy on the skin. In the quality of the terry cloth, the loops run irregularly and, due to a special washing treatment in production, very absorbent towels with a voluminous handle are created. The fibers are longer and have a nice fullness.

Twisted Terry consists of twisted yarns and is firmly in the grip. Due to the density of the short loops, this quality is very well suited for high / low and full-color woven shawls.

GSM weaving density The weaving density of towels is measured in g / m2, but this is only a small piece of surface area related to the density used. Here our customers can choose between different weights. Standard weights over wipes approx. 450 g / m2 Standard quality, 550 g / m2 to 650 g / m2 Heavy quality.
towels colors
We work strictly according to the Pantone color scale and therefore able to reproduce all desired colors exactly according to your specifications and requirements. Towels size: 30 x 30 cm bath towel, 30 x 50 cm guest towel, 50 x 100 cm towel, 70 x 140 cm bath towel, 100 x 150 cm bath towel, 70 x 180 cm sauna towel, .... or
You give us your desired level that we like to implement in production.
Hotel Towels with embroidery
Towels embroidered :Embroidery is one of the most valuable ways to refine towels, guest towels or bath towels. By processing the finest yarns on our state-of-the-art embroidery machines, your individual wishes are optimally fulfilled. We embroider towels already from 50 pieces. In order to calculate the price of your logo, we need a template of the motif.
Hotel towels jaquards
Towels High / Low Weaving: In the high / low weave, fonts and symbols in the high / low profile are woven into the top of the cloth on tone-tone jacquard looms. The properties of a dimensionally stable 100% cotton cloth remain preserved without any restriction. The high-low weave is also possible in combination with a border weave.
hotel towels
Towels Borders Weaving: Border weaves are a particularly elegant form of advertising attachment. Choose between a subtle tone-on-tone interweaving, a pleasantly eye-catching multi-colored weave or a high-low weave in the border.
hotel towels
Towels full-color weave: Towels with large-scale interweaving are concise and underline your brand image. Your motive will be displayed strikingly and exactly according to your color specifications. A multi-colored weave all-over on a gauze towel, bath towel or beach towel is very promotional.
Terry Bathrobes: Kimono or Schal? Our terry qualities and cuts are ideal for elegant and consistent customization. Here, e.g. a colored piping or a particularly stylish note - and perform worthy services. Own designs or cut models are also possible after testing.
towels labels
Woven labels are woven or printed. Woven labels are washfast as logos and symbols are woven with polyester yarns. Printed labels have less wash resistance, but allow the implementation of color gradients.



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