Embroidery Service

Embroidery Service



Looking to embroider your uniform?

 We love working with you to personalise our products with your logo, motive and other creative concepts that emphasise your brand identity! Roux Professional offers its customers the opportunity to customize the aprons and chef jackets with an embroidery. The embroidery of our standard Aprons & Chef Jackets can already be made from 1 piece. As embroidery colors we have about 500 standard colors. In order to offer you an exact sticking price, we would need the logo as PDF, JPG file or similar. for exact pricing. Once we receive your order, a scan of the stick will be sent to you by e-mail for approval.

You are welcome to send your request and the logo / lettering to the following e-mail address:

embroidered_aprons chef_wear_with_embroidery
Embroidered Aprons Chef wear with embroidery


Here's a glimpse of how our uniforms look embroidered!



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Embroidery service for the gastronomy

How is your company name on the cooking apron? Well, the art of embroidery can play an important role. Embroidered aprons and chef jackets can make an important contribution to extending the reach of your logo and brand name.

The embroidered cooking apron

Have you ever dealt with the topic of corporate identity? Behind this term is the art of repeatedly appearing with the same logo, text and even the same colors. And that is necessary nowadays if you want to stand out in the colorful variety of advertising messages. Are you an entrepreneur in gastronomy? Then you should definitely use the professional attire of your employees to score in terms of corporate identity. And practically every garment can become an advertising medium: the chef's hat, the apron or the chef's jacket. Above all, of course, the staff that makes the direct customer contact, should occur with suitably embroidered work clothes. Because the more often your customers get to read the logo or the name of your restaurant, the easier it will be for your customers to remember.

Embroidered cooking jackets - Starting at one copy

You would like to test our offer first with a small order? Outstanding! Because we deliver your cooking apron or chef's jacket for the catering already from an order of only one copy. In this way, you can check with virtually no risk that the embroidered product meets all your wishes.

For cafes and catering - the embroidered chef jacket

Workwear in the catering business can mean more than just the purely functional purpose promises. Whether you run a café, a restaurant or a doner kebab: For the professional clothing for catering always includes an embroidered fabric with your company name or your company logo. And here our service comes into play: We embroider your company clothing for the catering trade. You still need a company logo for the embroidery? Again, we can help you.