Personalised Aprons

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Apron Embroidered

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Custom Made Apron

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Personalized Apron

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Personalized Bib Apron

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Denim Apron Embroidered

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Denim Bib Apron with Logo

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Embroidered Aprons

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Personalised Aprons


Our step-by-step process of designing a Custom Apron will allow you to easily create a unique apron for your business that will make a lasting impression.


Mix & Match Fabrics & Accessories to create your own exclusive Apron


At Roux Professional Workwear you will find high quality and customizable aprons for Gastronomy, Hotel and Catering industries.

In addition to our apron collections we present online shop, we offer our customers the possibility of custom aprons manufacturing the prebias, bib aprons, jeans aprons, leather aprons models. Starting with a purchase quantity of 10 pieces per model / version, our wide range of colors and piping options is available to you. Our studio can also produce gastronomy, hotel and promotional aprons models according to your cut and model specifications.

Our in-house designers are experts in developing new designs and send you free design designs for viewing.

The way to your individual Aprons




You can brief us on your requirements (over the phone or via email) and one of our stylists will create a customised presentation of staff uniform looks that answer your brief. +49 211 1714290 or E-Mail





Design Service

The presentation will then be emailed through to you for your feedback. Our Aprons stylists will continue to work with you until we have achieved our goal – having created the perfect new look for your Restaurant, Hotel, Coffe Shop or Business.



Aprons Color & Fabrics

With our ROUX Professionalworkwear apron models, you have a large selection of different colors and fabrics. Cotton / polyester, jeans quality, leather or linen. Choose from 20 fashionable standard colors or over 60 colors additional special colors.



Aprons Printing or Embroidery

We embroider your aprons according to your ideas and templates.- The embroidery and printing of aprons can be implemented in any PANTONE® color.- Among other things, a wide range of standard embroidery colors over 500 colors is available.


Your advantages

Full range
Modern cuts
Small editions.10 pcs.
After-sale serenity



Let ROUX do the work, contact us for

a customised quote

 Tel: +49 211 1714290



Put your own unique stamp on your staff uniform with Roux Professional’s end-to-end uniform customisation service!  

Are you looking for high quality aprons that are tailored to your team or company and make them look so unique?
Every element, whether aprons, bistro aprons, aprons, leather aprons or jeans apron on the neck tape to fabrics, colors, seams, the workwear can be personally selected by you. We attach great importance to each component to the highest standard of craftsmanship and to manufacture with uncompromising attention to detail. inquiry

Many choices of bib aprons, bistro aprons and Vorbinder. Our aprons are very well made and we offer them in different variations. Choose your desired product with or without bag, adjustable neckband, V-neck or completely classic. Bib aprons with your logo and in your colors ensure a professional appearance. Already from an order of 15 pieces per model you can choose a suitable color for you with our color system. Order our bistro aprons that fit perfectly thanks to a durable, continuous webbing. Your aprons also get their extraordinary durability through the seam lock.

Custom Aprons Printing & Embroidery
Make your aprons unique with your personal logo! Our production department will gladly take care of the personalization for you.
Embroider your aprons in the Roux professional fashion and you get embroidery in professional quality. Our trained employees embroider your templates using state-of-the-art machines to produce high-quality textiles of all kinds that you will find in our shop.

Print Aprons: Corporate Design in every area

A straightforward and uniform corporate design is also useful where the customers are not necessarily looking. In the gastronomy of large hotels and also smaller restaurants, the kitchen staff therefore often receives a kind of uniform or at least robust aprons to protect their own clothing and at the same time to increase team awareness. The fact that these aprons are printed, this sense of belonging is strengthened.