Custom Made

Custom Made


Individual and stylish with a Custom-Made

You have certain ideas about how your team should be dressed, but do not find the right model or color? Roux offers you the service of a custom-made product of your desired product. That means we manufacture the article exactly according to your wishes. Here, the model is set and colored according to your color ideas and implemented. There are almost no limits to your creativity, but unfortunately there are certain minimum quantities to be complied with depending on the model. This is because we need to reach certain levels for special staining. If you want something individual and need help, we are always at your side with help and advice and go through with you the concept together. Our graphic designer will be happy to create designs for you, including complete collections such as polo shirts, trousers and matching aprons. Of course we can also personalize the items by embroidering or printing the logo or lettering.

The creation of our design drafts by our graphic designer is not binding and free of charge.




Chef's jackets individually according to customer requirements
Roux Professional offers you the service of the special production of your cooking jackets and that already from 10 copies. Here, the model is defined and changes such as cut, button color or piping are implemented individually. We have a large number of standard colors for the quality and the piping. Of course, we can also make the chef jackets with extra bags and implement details such as snaps or other ideas.
If you wish, we can also make existing models from your collection.
Our graphic designer will be happy to provide you with a non-binding and free layout to chef's jackets that meet your needs.



We offer a wealth of knowledge for creating hard-wearing uniform designs for Hotel, Catering, Restaurants, Coffe Shops and Corporate Businesses just like yours




Customize Chef's Wear and Aprons for the Catering industry

In addition to our chef jackets & aprons collections we present online shop, we offer our customers the possibility of an individual catering workwear production of chef's jackets, cooking pants, aprons, chef's hats models. Starting with a purchase quantity of 10 pieces per model / version, our wide range of colors and piping options is available to you. Our atelier is also happy to produce cooking jackets or aprons according to your cut and model specifications.

Our in-house designers are experts in developing new designs and send you free design designs for viewing.




Perfectly Tailored to your work style

Our individual production is not limited to models and modules - you can also have your cooking clothing customized by Roux Professional to your personal body dimensions. Whether slim fit, belly width, extra length or short form, if your measurements are available to us, we sew you exactly the size in which you will feel comfortable. 


The way to your Individual Chefs Wear Clothing


You can make us on your requirements (over the phone or via email) and one of our stylists will create a customized presentation of staff uniform looks that answer your letter. Inquery

+49 211 1714290



Design Gastronomy / Catering / Hotel Clothing

Our in-house designers are experts in developing new designs and send you free design designs for viewing


Colors & Fabrics

Our Roux Professional workwear models have a large selection of different colors. Choose from 15 fashionable standard colors or over 20 additional spot colors.

In addition, all our fabrics are rigorously tested by our in-house Roux Professional Lab for maximum comfort, functionality and longevity. In order to find the appropriate catering clothing for you and your profession, it is important to also deal with the materials of the work clothes. Look at the different materials and colors to be more specific and decide what the best choice is for you.


Logo or Monogram Embroidery

Unmistakable, exclusive and personal. Your logo or name in detail and color-accurate your logo will be embroidered on the selected textiles.
Here you will find a selection of numerous classic colors for your logo. Individual colors from the Madeira color palette are also possible.
Your logo can be embroidered in different places.


Your Advantages

Full range
Modern cuts
Small editions.10 pcs.
After-sale serenity



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Who We are

Roux Professional Work Wear has been a leader in the development of workwear for the kitchen, catering and hospitality industries for more than 20 years and is known for its quality. Roux Work Wear specializes in professional clothing and develops extensive and varied collections for hotels and restaurants, the gastronomy and health sector. Thanks to the different product lines, Roux has exactly what it needs for every need and is able to equip your entire staff perfectly.

We believe that good design puts quality and functionality at the center

Rely on the long-lasting quality of our products and their high quality properties such as durability, breathability, combined with easy care and ironing fastness. The high-quality cotton-polyester blend convinces with a particularly pleasant feel and attractive appearance.

Personalization & Custom-Made

We customize your workwear and give your collection its own style. With appropriate cuts and useful details, fitting and ergonomically thought-out, we bring comfort and functionality into your workwear. The wide range of colors and the processing of fabrics with different properties can be used so that certain areas can be stretched, reinforced or even refined.

Embroidery is the highest quality form of textile labeling. It is wash and lightfast, looks noble and is durable. In addition, the embroidery conveys the exclusivity of a clothing.

You can also have your catering clothing by Roux workwear embroidered on a very individual basis. Use our stick service! Whether name, monogram or logo, whether colorful or plain.

At Roux Professional, we are proud to always offer and implement original inspired design possibilities for Chefs Wear.

Unique looking. The following options can be made, among others:
- Adjustable and removable neckband with press studs
- Different qualities cotton / polyester, denim, canvas, or leather
- Contrast stitching or tone-on-tone
- Large or small bag, also in the material mix.
- Embroidery of your logo / lettering
- Full bands of apron fabric in different colors
- Details such as rivets, buttons or similar
- Custom made aprons
- Seam locks