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Beauty, Spa, Wellness and Salon Wear Uniforms Styling

How important is an exclusive, unified design for your brand?
What do your employees carry?

Whether your staff style needs a quick update or a complete overhaul we offer a personalised styling service that will make choosing your new uniform a great experience.
The custom design is our passion and our specialty. We believe that custom design is a partnership and continuous cooperation with our customers. It all starts with the first letter we dive into and get to know your brand. Then there are the weeks of product development where we work together to create bespoke designs and guide you through each step with transparency and the ability to refine concepts. 


Roux Professional specializes in bringing your individual wishes to Uniforms. You decide which colors, materials and patterns your workwear should have, and we implement them in the highest quality. 



Professional Uniforms Styling Service

We offer a wealth of knowledge for creating hard-wearing uniform designs for Spa, Wellness, Beauty and Salon Wear.  



Digital Style Session

We also offer a digital styling service. This means that you can inform us about your requirements (by phone or e-mail) and one of our stylists will create a customized presentation of the uniform look and feel of your employees that meets your needs.

The presentation will then be emailed to you for your feedback. Our unified stylists will work with you until we reach our goal - to create the perfect new look for your business just like yours.


The way to your individual Spa & Wellness Uniform Outfit

We produce your individual workwear according to your wishes and ideas. From small off. 10 pieces to large quantities in the highest quality







Let us know your requirements by phone 0211 171 42 90 or E-Mail 





You get the individual outfit concept for your entire team in a prepared draft for free. Our uniform stylists will continue to work with you until we have achieved our goal having created the perfect new look for your business.



Fabrics & Colors

With our ROUX Professional fashion models, you have a large selection of different colors and fabrics. Choose from 14 fashionable standard colors or over 20 colors of additional spot colors. 



Logo Embroidery

The finishing touch to complete your overall business branding. Probably the highest quality process of textile finishing is the embroidery. Embroidery is a very durable and robust way to personalize your work clothes. There are about 400 different colors and shades from which we can choose to reflect your desired color. 

Our team of experienced uniform stylists is the best in the industry



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Full range
Modern cuts
Small editions 20 pcs.
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Quality, Function and Details

ROUX PROFESSIONAL fashion stands for quality, long durability and thoughtful design. Our textiles are of high quality, innovative and durable. Wellness clothing should be above all airy. A good quality makes the break in the spa a lasting feel-good experience. Casual but still up to date in kasacks / dresses is wrapped a spa visit to the fashionable appearance. Especially in workwear, we recommend a timeless design - in color and cut, it should be purchased for a longer wearing time and sustainable.


The subject of wearing comfort is for us one of the most important points in the field of workwear for the cosmetics and wellness industry! The Roux workwear offers high quality and a high wearing comfort in every activity. Your corporate fashion workwear should provide ample freedom of movement but at the same time sit comfortably and maintain its fashionable character. In order to be able to guarantee exactly these points, you can decide for yourself what you need for daily wear. You have the opportunity to determine whether it should be a movement fold in the back, a side stretch insert, a stretchy waistband or a mesh insert. Comfortable cut and skin-friendly materials provide freedom of movement and exemplary comfort. That way, your employees feel comfortable at all times - and you contribute to the motivation and image building of your company.