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Why more people choose Roux Professional than any other workwear provider

Quality product at excellent prices

Roux Professional has developed a world-class supply and manufacturing chain which enables us to offer both high quality products and unbeatable value for money, without compromising integrity.


A One stop Shop for your workwear

We offer comprehensive workwear solutions for every area of your business, protecting your workforce from head to toe, whether they are braving the elements, working in a factory or sitting at a desk. Everything in our range is selected, tested and manufactured by experts to ensure they meet latest standards of compliance and performance.

Quality product at excellent prices

Roux has developed a world-class supply and manufacturing chain which enables us to offer both high quality products and unbeatable value for money, without compromising integrity. Our robust logistics network means that we are able to offer consistently high stock levels throughout the year on our most popular products.

Customer Service

You will find generations of workwear expertise at Roux. Whether you require expert product support, personalisation guidance, help with online ordering , samples or returns, our staff are online, at the end of a phone or there in person, waiting to help you.



The Roux Professional Work Wear Company was established 20 years ago and its a Family Company located in Germany & Portugal


Roux Professional - the name stands for high product quality and outstanding services for 20 years. We offer Modern Uniforms and Workwear for areas such as Gastronomy / Hotel / Healthcare / Hospitality / Spa & Beauty / Medicine / Corparete Wear and for the Catering industry. Behind the long-standing success of our company is a very special corporate philosophy and common values that determine the daily activities - whether in Germany, or in our Production in Portugal.

Our goal is to combine workwear with modern and contemporary elements, giving our customers the opportunity to find their own personal clothing style.
All employees are called upon to contribute their ideas and creativity. To be optimistic, responsible and in mutual respect are living guidelines.

Level of Quality

We are passionate about our customers, because we do not want to satisfy them, but inspire them. Quality at the highest level characterize the products and services of Roux Professional. In doing so, we continuously work on how we can better support our customers in their business with our solutions. Achieving perfection in every area of action is one of our most important principles. New things are approached optimistically, dynamically and pragmatically - with only one goal: to offer the best to every customer.

Corporate Culture

The Roux Professional Corporate Culture and the backing as a family business make us a reliable partner to our customers worldwide. The family of companies ensures that the strong Corporate Culture of Roux Workwear stays alive in everyday work.

20 years on the Market

Competence comes with professional experience. We have been on the market for 20 years. And that is a lot of time when it comes to getting to know the different ideas and focuses of the customers. The small and the larger customers, unusual wishes and routine work. In this way, we are always able to adapt optimally to all requirements. 20years of professional experience - that pays off above all for individual products. Because consulting plays an important role in our company. In 20 years you are already developing a sense of what you want to express as a customer and we quickly understand where the journey is going. Individual professionalism, that is a concept, in which the dialogue between supplier and customer is to run like a well oiled machine.

Handmade- This is important for Us

One can appreciate who else still knows people who work with the hand. This creates individuality and exclusivity. We at the roux Berufsmode work by hand. Handcrafted professional fashion, this gives your gastronomic clothing and the professional clothing in the fields of medicine and care a very special touch. By processing by hand, you get a very special quality, which can be clearly distinguished from the simplicity of purely industrial production. This is where a man is poisoned behind every work. Here you get professional clothing with the special touch of human creativity. Test us with a first order. You will quickly recognize the difference between handmade professional clothing and industrial products. We work according to the Ökotex standard 100 and according to the social respect principles. For us, Made by Hand also means putting emphasis on the fair handling of our employees. In this way, you get handmade fashion that has been manufactured at fair conditions.

Our Production in Portugal

Our professional clothing is not produced in the Far East but is "Made in the EU". Our studio is located in Lisbon. This means shorter transport distances from production to your catering company or your doctor or nursing practice. This saves life cycle life and supports fast delivery. Hardworking employees work in our studio in Lisbon and ensure that you get high-quality goods made by hand. Whether you need cooking or aprons, whether you have a cosmetic studio or a nursing service, you will always receive handmade products that have been manufactured under the condition of "Social respect" and the Ökotex standard 100.

The individual touch for your Professional Uniforms

Need some individuality? This should not be a problem when it comes to the selection of workwear. Because your catering company can stand out from other offers with its unique features. And this individuality can also be reflected on the cooking cap or the jeans apron. And here comes the handwork of the staff in our studio in Portugal
Again. Then of the concept of handwork, we are also able to realize unusual and unique ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can then advise you and inform you how your wishes can become individual products.

Modern appearance in the Gastronomy, Hotel and Cosmetics Studio

Your employees are the Business Card of your Company. With modern cut professional wear you can also set individual accents in the outside appearance of your staff. And individuality can also mean that the name of your offer and your company are read on the apron or the chef's hat. This supports you in your concept
of corporate identity. In this way, the name of your offer is better defined. Your employees are not only modern and individually dressed, but they also support the
advertising effectiveness of your company. And there is no shortage of design possibilities and ideas for your professional clothing. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of handmade professional clothing and will surely find the right solution for you as well as for your company. Just get in touch with us.
We can then talk about your ideas and put them into practice in our studio in Portugal.

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